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Rutgers University-Newark Final Exams

Please consult the Online Schedule of Classes ( to determine the examination code associated with a course and the Rutgers University Academic Calendar

Exam Conflicts

If a student has a conflict where more than two exams are scheduled within a 24 hour time period, or more than two exams are scheduled in consecutive periods (ex: one exam from 3:00pm – 6:00pm, followed by an exam from 6:20pm – 9:20pm, followed by an exam the following morning from 8:30am – 11:30am), the faculty member(s) are required to provide a make-up exam day and time. The faculty member should contact their respective department/school contact who will work in accordance with Academic Scheduling as needed.

A priority order is set with number one being the top priority in terms of resolving exam conflicts with courses held in different instructional formats:

  1. Synchronous Course Meeting Exams
    • All courses with a set meeting day and time pattern during the semester which have a synchronous final exam held on a specific day and time.
  2. Group Exams
    •  Common Exams
  3. By Arrangement Final Exams

A student with three exams with equivalent priority (e.g., three group exams or three synchronous course exams) in a 24-hour period will try to reschedule one of the exams as a make-up. If the professors involved do not volunteer to give a make-up exam for such a student, then the instructor for the middle exam must schedule a make-up exam at an appropriate alternate date/time.

Students must bring final exams conflicts to the attention of their academic advisor/academic deanat least two weeks before the first final exam day in order to ensure that the final exam conflicts can be resolved.