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The mission of Academic Scheduling is to support the academic mission of Rutgers University-Newark by managing and allocating the university’s formal and informal learning spaces for academic instruction, collaboration and events in an efficient and customer service centric manner. As an agent of the Office of the Chancellor, we are committed to planning, designing and maintaining spaces that meet the University’s current and future learning environment standards.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • posting and updating the¬†course schedule for each term
  • establishing and enforcing scheduling policies and procedures
  • maintaining the master course database
  • assigning classrooms to academic courses
  • posting the final exam schedule and assigning classrooms
  • processing non-academic room reservations for university classrooms.
  • assisting and advising on how to effectively schedule course offerings
  • providing reports to improve course offering decision making
  • maintaining and upgrading university learning spaces in partnership with Academic Technology Services

Academic Scheduling is committed to making every effort in providing respectful and quality delivery of services and ensuring classrooms are assigned fairly, used appropriately, and accommodate the University’s academic and instructional needs.